Erica Ostrowski 

Deep within the misty forests and swirling valleys of Monkton, Maryland lives a little bear in a tiny red house...

A narrative by nature, animated and quirky lady... Erica loves writing, illustrating, painting and sewing kooky bear creatures. She is an Illustrator, Cartoonist, Comic Artist, Fiber Artist, and Book Illustrator. When she's not drawing burly mullet guys from the space 80's punching asteroids, Erica spends her days hiking in the blue woods with her yellow lab Cooper. 




Gouache Workshop Teacher, spring and fall semester 2016

Baltimore Academy of Illustration 

Teacher's Assistant 

Baltimore Academy of Illustration Fall 2015- Present


BFA Maryland Institute College Of Art '2014

Weekly Writing Workshop Volunteer Illustration for Children's Stories '2013 

Maryland Institute College of Art Academic Scholarship 

Carver Center for Arts and Technology '2010



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